I am REALLY good at starting workout programs…. Let me say that again. I am REALLY good at….

I have not been a good example of tending to fitness. But I’m okay at perseverance. One of the things I’ve had to let go-of this time around as I get my daily workouts going again is a self-imposed “O.C.D.”, if you will. Many of my failures (at making it to that “now it is a habit” 60-day mark) stem from missing a day or two due to meetings and such. I would then let those lead to, “Well, crap—now my days are off. And my tracking-sheets have gaps in them!”

Welcome to being human. Now, stop letting it de-rail you, idiot. [That’s me talking to me, BTW, not me talking to you.]

There’s an even bigger tip to help us horizontally-abundant-types: modification. This will help anyone, but I’m talking specifically to my homies out there—you men and women who are approaching discount breakfast age and/or have achy-joint issues.

I [now] do not give a rat’s-arse if I have to do push-ups from my knees. [Well, I DO, but only because my knees are shot and on the way to being replaced. But you get the point. Right?] Modify that move. Can’t do that plyo anymore? Get on the elliptical for a minute. Or just high-step with no impact. But Do Something! Keep moving. Do what you can. Every day. DISCLAIMER: I am not a trained coach or physical therapist. Do you own research and workout at your own risks. I will say this. Darebee.com is an excellent source of exercises to try; it is who all of the pictures came from, and I must credit them for this article.

The other thing I’m doing is setting smaller goals. [YES—I have had SMART goal training shoved down my throat, just like everybody else. Grrr! Don’t start with me…….] Smaller would fall under that “Realistic” or “Reasonable” R thing. [I just threw up a little bit.] Point of Order: smaller goals are small confidence boosters when you hit them. They lead to bigger goals. Just remember one thing: don’t rely on motivation to hit thoses goals. In the words of retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, motivation is fickle. It comes and goes with your mood. Only discipline will keep you striving for that exercise goal  every day.

In summary, modifying isn’t just about changing the set to match your abilities, it is changing the entire routine to match your mindset. Just remember to Keep. Moving. Forward.

This has been another installment for Modern Minuteman Thursday: Our DUTY is to Be READY.