Yep. I’m gonna go there. And honestly—most of what I’m about to say can be applied to everything we hear from the medical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Last February—without realizing for a few weeks that we’d stumbled onto the latest trend—Mrs. Chambers and I started eating “keto” (high-fat/low-carb) and practicing intermittent fasting. We didn’t go into this lightly. I had been perusing Jordan Winkler’s YouTube channel (formerly “FX Hummel”, one of James Yaeger’s employees) and watched a series of interviews he did with Dr. Ken Berry. I normally can’t stand watching interviews, but the Doc was easy to listen to. It was much like a guy you’d drink a beer with after softball. He said many things in that video that resonated with me, but the one I’ll regurgitate here is, “If you could interview your body, it would have NO IDEA what a calorie is. Counting calories is stupid.” Watch it here.

I dumped 36 pounds between February and August without spending a single second doing P90X2 or using the elliptical machine. So, what happened? And how is this related to prepping?

If you hate bacon, you’re gonna HATE the Keto diet. They force you to eat it… a LOT…

I hadn’t educated myself about what to do when the inevitable “stall” arrived. By and large, I have continued to eat the same high-fat/low-carb foods for (most*) snacks and meals. But I gained about 16 of the pounds back and stabilized there for this spring and summer. To quote once again Dr. Berry, I succumbed to “creepy cards and sneaky sugars.” In other words—I plateaued and I refused to start counting gross carbs. [Yes…GROSS. You can’t switch to NET until you’re at your goal weight. Sorry—that is a mathematically sound principle.]

What were those “creepies and sneakies?” Good nuts (almonds, cashews, macadamias, etc.), but waaayyyy too many of them; and Costco protein bars. They have a low net carb-count because they’re high in fiber, but the gross count is contraindicative for someone trying to lose bodyfat.

There is a ton about this I want to say, but I will make it a series, so as not to bore you. The preparedness aspect to this is twofold, and it should be obvious: the majority of us need to be in better physical condition than we currently find ourselves; and, if you find that you enjoy eating this way (as I have) then you need to make adjustments to your food purchasing and storage plans.

I suggest you buy Dr. Berry’s book, Lies My Doctor Told Me. (Buy it here.) Don’t wait for this series to finish to learn the truth. I’m just a dude, not a nutrition expert by any means. He does a thorough job teaching about the Big Ag/Big Pharma/FDA connection to keep us buying pills due to health issues brought about by high-grain/sugary diets.

I’ll close by revealing a personal truth: three weeks ago, I had my 50thbirthday physical. Despite being 40-50 pounds overweight, my blood pressure was 120/70 and my labs were excellent. My doctor affirmed it is because of the high-fat diet that my numbers are good. She also said the number 1 reason men my age stall is because they don’t do any resistance training. Guess who dusted off the P90X2 videos?

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