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I have a few series running in the weekly blog, now. I thought it might help to explain a couple of things:

  1. What the “three pillars” of my blog articles (and sooner-than-you-think YouTube channel) are.
  2. And what it means to “Be Posse.”

A rule-of-thumb is that I will run the articles and videos through a repeating cycle of three different types of content. I call these broad-stroked groups my “pillars.” You may have noticed them starting to form, though I’ve only used two pillars the last month or so. The pillars will usually follow this cycle, occasionally being bumped for a special or time-relevant article:

  • “Are You Posse?” This pillar will cover what it means to be a modern minuteman, covering Posse Kits, tactical and medical training, tactical communications, martial fitness, nutrition, and alternative fighting. Think in terms of being ready for…whatever…
  • “Life in Cascadia”: this covers real articles about earthquake and volcanos, things relevant to the PNW, and fictional things like bonus chapters, character profiles, etc.
  • “Austin’s O.P.S.” That’s Austin’s Organized Prepping System. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years trying to figure out how to kit my supplies, just like most of you. This pillar will revolve around organization, non-tactical (Posse) kits, tips, gear reviews, etc. and will eventually be full of free checklists and handouts.
  • Note that the pillars’ names won’t be the names of the various series themselves. They’re just the major themes.

Now on to the main meat-an’-taters of today’s post. “What’s Posse?”

Well, like Phil says near the end of “Tahoma’s Hammer”, thanks to a minority number of knuckleheads the media has successfully demonized the “M” word. The Posse that forms up in TH and really shows its Mojo in “Order Divested” didn’t just happen. Those characters—the leaders at least—had spent years of time and effort getting ready. They didn’t just buy stuff and continue to eat Bon-Bons on the couch, watching “Herpes Island”. They trained. They worked out. They studied HAM radio, even though they didn’t want to. Get it? THAT’s Posse. They networked. They watched the agenda unfold. They learned how to reload. They learned how to build perimeters. They even learned other prepping skills, like making their own soap and gardening.

If you asked, “Reload what?” then you’re not quite posse—yet. And that’s fine. Ask. Network. Hit the elliptical. Be part of the eventual solution. Otherwise you’re part of the eventual problem. There is only one or the other. No “in-between.” Many non-prepper friends have told me they finally see the light after reading my books. Good. Now do something. The only person you’d better visit after The Shit Hits The Fan is the other Posse members you networked with ahead of time. That’s for your own safety. You’ve been informed. Not IF, But WHEN, right? Now that you know, if you choose to do nothing, then you made a choice, and it wasn’t Posse.

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Remember: Our DUTY is to Be READY.