What’s the Deal with the Gun range?

Infringed: The truth behind the attacks on Kitsap rifle & revolver club

AVAILABLE in Fall of 2020!

It’s True! I modeled the “West Sound Sportsman’s Club” after a real gun range near Bremerton, Washington. In real life, however, the Gun Club has already had its apocalyptic events. It is currently fighting not one but two injuctions from Kidnap—er!—Kitsap County.

It has been proven in court many times over—including in court— that the County’s lawsuits have nothing to do with safety, noise, or the environment. Stay tuned as I get into the TRUTH and facts behind these cases that have never had a fair light shined on them by the courts or the local press. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the Map & Key of key spots at the “West Sound Sportsman’s Club”!

Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club Needs Your help!

When “INFRINGED” releases later this year, you’ll learn just how tyrannically the county’s officials have bee acting a long, long time. Click the link below and give them a friendly show of support on their Facebook Page. Tell them Austin sent ya!