Every Modern Minuteman has evolved their gear many times, but nothing drives home all aspects of being ready to defend your home and community like training. I’m boldly introducing this series with some photos of a chunkier Austin from about March of 2018. [ Full Spectrum TC ] While this article could be about nothing but fitness, I’m using it as a primer for a series to take a close-up deep-dive into my “kit.”

All photos courtesy of Kevin Williams at Full Spectrum Training and Consulting.

If you’re reading this, you most likely have a kit, too. I challenge you, though: if you have not donned said kit and coated it with your salty-sweat many times, what good is it doing?

Tactic-Cool aside, professional trainers force you into your weak-side shooting and bad knee at the same time. You should learn that skill before someone is shooting back at you!

Like all of my series, this one will not run concurrently, but come and go as whimsically as Al Bundy’s sex-drive. However, I won’t leave you hanging to begin: next Thursday’s MM post will be about the first layer, the batt…. Wait a gosh-darn second! You thought I was going to say battle belt?

If you aint in the mud, you aint trainin’…

Think again, friends! Layers aren’t just for ogres and onions—we need them, too. What you’re wearing under all that gear can make or break you—especially if you’re a heavy-sweater, like moi.

I’ll wrap this up with the old golfer’s-putting analogy. Pro golfers chastise rookies for always driving the driver at the range and spending little-to-no time putting. The problem is in simple math terms, putting should be about 50% of the game. It’s the same with shooting and training. Building your kit and learning how to use it—land nav…medical…patrol…commo—most of that stuff requires no ammo to burn through. And don’t forget your dry-fire. Get out there and train, not just on the shooting but the less-tacti-cool stuff, too.

[Here’s putting my mouth where my money is: I’m posting this a night early, because tomorrow night I will be at a TCCC short-primer class.]

You also meet cool dudes. Some are cops, who express appreciation for civilians spending their time and money learning community-defending skills.


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Remember: Our DUTY is to Be READY.