“Austin Chambers”

Writer, Gunner’s Mate 2PO, DOD Civilian, HAM Radio Tech, Ex-FF/EMT, Student of the Gun, Prepper 


A Gulf War Veteran, I was staring 50 in the face, thinking about all those times I said, “I’m gonna write a book one day…” So I did. Along the way I learned that writing it is the easy part. The real “fun” has been learning to self-publish and turn this into a business. 


I grew up in the Texas Hill Country—yearning to see the ocean—so I joined the Navy. I found myself staying in the Pacific Northwest, enjoying “not sweating by 7 A.M.” as those in Texas tend to do. I developed asthma in my late-20’s, effectively ending my career as a civilian firefighter on a Navy base. 


I married young and have managed to stay that way, despite myself. Those who know me best, know that I’m my own worst enemy. I have the curse of quick-wit, blended with social filters that are often turned-off at the wrong moment. It is rumored that I have told one-too-many “that’s what she said” jokes…


I’ve spent most of a career serving the Navy as a civilian, first as a laborer and then as a… <UGH>…manager. I’ve specialized in custom scaffold, fall protection training, and industrial safety my entire career. I know that the Navy has provided me with one thing, if nothing else—crappy knees. Don’t get me wrong: being a DOD civilian is a great career. However, the realization that “Powerball” is not a valid retirement plan has led me to begin franchising my talents for writing and humor.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything about getting into self-publishing. There’s no guarantee that this will ever pay the bills, but I see the potential—if a person is smart and willing to work hard, they can exceed their wildest dreams in this world. I have networked my way into meeting—and more importantly, befriending—some awesome folks, both in person and on-line. Remember this, if nothing else—Our DUTY is to Be READY.