In Tahoma’s Hammer, former Marine Phil Walker uses quality (not cheap) gear for his packs and Minuteman Kit. He understands you get what you pay for. Have you ever had to fix a pack-strap out in the field? I have—it sucks!

Even quality gear can fail, though. The cover photo was my actual EDC IWB holster for the last 4 or so years. I have it straddling the wire-rack to show the crack. It is hard to tell, but that crack darn-near runs down the whole breadth.

Like a sudden urge to need to go #2 out in public, there is NEVER a good time for a gear failure! “Buy once, cry once” they say. You have to carefully account for every ounce for things you plan on carrying. I carry a heavy-gauge “sail needle” in all of my packs by keeping them under tape on a knife scabbard. Gutted paracord or dental floss can become instant thread.