Something I’ve been  getting asked—a LOT—since TH released is “when is Book 2 coming out.” The cheap answer is “as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.” Something that kept me from working on the rest of the trilogy after I got through Beta and editing was the monster that IS the rest of the process. I’m a career Fed: starting a business, publishing, marketing, networking…all that was foreign to me. As I get close to drafting Book 2, I know that as I push it through the steps, I’ll be able to carry momentum on Book 3 and get it out much more quickly.

“WTF, Chambers!!!” you’re thinking. “Getting close to drafting?!”

It’s not as bad as it sounds. The process I use takes a lot of effort building plots and characters which pays dividends in drafting by having less flaws and greater productivity.

One of the stories I’m most excited about is something I’m calling a cat-and-mouse hunt. How to write about it without spoilers….As Phil would say, “Hmmmm…”

Hints. I’ll tease you with hints.

Hint 1: the scourge of society. Hint 2: a highly trained person who hates him with a passion. Hint 3 should be pretty obvious: all rules are out the window once the hammer falls.

This is a classic good/evil back-n-forth, presented in a way which will make you want to live nowhere near a prison after TSHTF. I’m so stoked to write this story that I’ve already decided with 99% certainty that the set-up will be a prologue flashback to several years before the events.

The way this plays out, too, will make you go back and look at little clues left in Book 1. “Ohhh, YEEaaahhhh!!!!” you’re gonna say.

I’ll wrap up first by congratulating local fan Sean Y. He won a contest to name two characters, and he is naming one of these two characters after his son. As to when the book will be out, I’m shooting for some day in late January, if the stars align, and then around May for Book 3.

P.S. The photo is the official Slaughter Peninsula Posse logo, and it gets explained in Book2, “Order Divested.” Let me know what you think in the comments.


Remember: Our DUTY is to Be READY.