I’ve had it. I’m done. I’ve been watching the crap unfold the last several months, just as many of you have. There are so many variables at play that it makes the head spin…or maybe that’s just my pre-diabetes…

But, I have to address at least one thing in this: am I Posse Ready? In a resounding authority, I can say NO.

I’m writing these to cross my YouTube (Cascadian Preparedness) and blog (which has been dead silent since before I started the CP channel) platforms. Before I get into the breakdown, I want to get a few things off my chest. I’ve been reading and watching what the other platforms have been doing. If there was ever a time to be a “prepping influencer,” it is now. Of all the shitty things 2020 has emitted in its vomit, the one decent forgotten result is that the paranoid, conspiracy-minded, doomsday preppers were finally proven right. Any of us aren’t surprised by that, but the growing number of new preppers and gun-owners seem shocked. All that said, the vast majority of blogs and video channels on these topics – myself included – are merely students in the crafts, just like you. Most of us weren’t career operators and running a wilderness survival course ten years ago. We just started learning far enough back that we now feel confident in sharing it. So when you read or watch something, file it – even this series. Go read and watch some others on those topics. Balance out what you’re learning with multiple takes on it.

While I’m all for capitalism, it is only right for me to say that the preparedness world has been flooded with new gadgets and food products. You don’t need all of them. Maybe not even most of them. Lots of “established authors and channels” are making a killing, now, off the paranoia. Kudos to them, but I challenge everyone to remember that you can’t eat a stylish “Don’t Tread On Me” buff. Be smart with your resources, the two most valuable (not counting family, of course) being your time and your money. And remember, part of my business model will include Cascadia Fallen merchandise, so I’m saying all of that regardless of my own vested business interest.

The inspiration for writing (and eventually turning into videos) this article series comes from a news article I just read. Well, I suppose it was the straw on the camel’s back. I’ve been planning on this series for a long time, but I’m finally catalyzed to do it. The article was about the Seattle Police Union Chief’s response to a comment by the mayor a day earlier. She had basically said that President Trump’s use of Federal Officers in Seattle was a trial-run for martial law. He was flabbergasted that not one elected official from the city had commented to the well-being of the 50-something officers hurt by “peaceful protestors” the prior weekend. It disheartened the police force to know that they’re being set-up by their bosses to fight an insurgency without help. This reminded me of a thought I’ve had for years – “What would I be able to do to help a cop struggling with an arrest out in town one day?”

As I stated about Phil Walker in the Prologue to Cascadia Fallen: Tahoma’s Hammer, he had made that decision years earlier. He knew he was a sheepdog. When the trooper was in trouble, he acted without thought or hesitation. I think many of you, like me, have already made that decision, too. And, friends – the day has come. The chance you may actually need to do just that goes up every day.

The majority of preppers are also gun-owners and train in gun safety for personal and home defense. Some even take intermediate and advanced tactical classes, medical classes that reach beyond first-aid, and HAM radio training, all in the name of being prepared to help family and community. Knowledge takes time to absorb, so taking and re-taking these classes repeatedly is a great way to excel at them. But a lot of people don’t know where to start; and some may have started preparing their own skill-sets, but they have no idea no to network with like-minded into a cohesive group.

The purpose of this series – which won’t have all the answers, by the way, but will always point towards other resources – is to answer that question in layers. The first layer is the one that I often call “the most over-looked preparedness item.” It might even be more honest to call it the most purposefully-neglected preparedness item. I’m talking about personal health and fitness, of course. And if you follow my YouTube channel, then you know this has been a hot item for me lately. I believe in addressing the elephants quickly and honestly, so that the rest of the conversation can be had.

I have struggled with the discipline to eat correctly and exercise regularly for the entire 20 years since I left the fire service. At that time, I was still learning to cope with asthma. Once I finally admitted it to myself and the world, I was able to medicate and move-on. Then came smoking. I kicked that addiction the final time on January 1, 2001. It just didn’t make sense to be an asthmatic smoker. But, I come from a family of addicts – it runs in the blood, so to speak. My drug of choice is sugar, whether sweets or carb-loaded meals. Without the full diatribe, just trust that a recent declination of my pre-diabetes has motivated me again. I am making hardcore changes in my eating and exercise. While I advocate taking advantage of motivation, such as a health-scare, I also acknowledge the ugly truth – I got fat and out of shape because of discipline issues, not sugar-addiction, asthma, or bad knees. All of that is to stipulate that as I write that first two articles about being Posse Ready, I’m kicking myself into action to make the changes I’m preaching.

I’ll summarize the layers as the wrap-up to this first article. These layers start at the center of yourself and move out to helping others, whether that is a neighbor-in-need, that struggling cop, or joining your Posse to go defeat Marxists hell-bent on destroying America. They will draw heavily from my own experiences.

  • Re-learning Personal Discipline
    • This will reference a great deal of study, thought, and being honest with myself
    • I recommend following Jocko Willink’s podcast
  • Intermittent Fasting and LCHF Eating (Low-Carb, High-Fat)
    • This will challenge you to go study the experts, which I’ll primarily be parroting their words
    • Once you’ve heard the truth about the evolution of the human diet, you have to make a choice: continue to have love-handles and a pot-belly? Or give up some favorite meals in exchange for good health?
    • Ken Berry and Thomas Delauer YouTube channels
  • Getting Fit When You have “Issues” (NOT Excuses)
    • Doing something rather than nothing is the key
    • Body-weight and a few resistance bands are all you need
    • Athlean-X YouTube channel
  • Martial Fitness: Dry Training With Your Posse Kit On & Your Heart-Rate Up
    • I’ve been planning on doing this for years. Time to pull the trigger on it (pun intended)
    • “Dry” means no ammo needed, so no excuses
  • Fighting to Survive
    • If I weren’t paying down debt, I would find a way to go to BJJ (Brazilian Jui-Jitsu) once a week
    • I haven’t taken a martial art since about 1985. I’ll be asking a good friend to guest-write this one for me. He is a student, and more importantly, a police officer. I think his perspective will be extremely valuable.
  • Getting Tactical Training
    • This may wind up a couple of issues. While I have a decent background in being a range safety officer and entry-level firearms teacher, I consider myself a student above all-else. I will highlight the importance of it, and I may offer up a chance to guest-write to a couple of different teachers I’ve had
  • Medical Training
    • Luckily I have almost 8 years of EMT experience to draw on
    • Guess what? That was a LONG time ago. We’ll talk about modern classes and where to find them
  • Why You Should Get Your HAM Radio Technician License
    • I am one, and the things I learned by being able to practice with others is valuable
  • Posse Basecamp 1: Securing Your Position
    • When to carry your Posse Kit
    • Arrival and setting security
  • Posse Basecamp 2: Setting Up Basecamp
    • This is touched-on from the 10,000 foot view in the last video of the Posse Kit series
  • Posse Basecamp 3: Unity of Effort
    • Coordinating with mutual assistance groups before the stuff starts
    • Setting up a Communication Plan
  • Conclusion
    • Other avenues that this could cover, that I just don’t have the expertise to teach, such as patrol movements and battle drills
    • Advancing capabilities/Force Multipliers, such as night vision, mesh networks, and digital HAM
    • Summary

In all honestly, now that I’ve finished this first piece, I’m thinking, “Shit! When will I have time to write and produce these articles and videos?!” And yet, the time is now. I must and shall prioritize this. Stay tuned. ODITBR.